Simple musical harmonica (posted 11 April 2014)

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Musical harmonica

Developmental areas: Music; listening

What you will need:
  • large craft ice-cream sticks
  • elastic bands
  • matchsticks
  • paper
  • scissors

What to do:
  • cut a piece of paper the same size as the craft sticks (older kids can trace the stick on paper and cut it out themselves)
  • cut the matchsticks the same width as the craft sticks
  • place the paper on the bottom craft stick, place the matchsticks towards the end on the paper and place the other craft stick on top
  • use the elastic bands on either end to hold everything together
  • gently press the middle of the harmonica whilst blowing to make different sounds

The kids can make up their own songs or play a cd and have them follow the tune on their harmonicas.

Caution: Depending on the quality of craft sticks used, dye from the sticks may stain lips.

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