Things to do during the holidays (posted 15/12/2014)

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Things to do during the holidays

Here are some ideas from the list that my kids made for things they wanted to do:
  • Go to a rabbit petting place
  • Visit a park (Delta Park is a firm favourite of ours)
  • Go horse riding
  • Go to library for storytime
  • Visit a zoo ( you can try Joburg or Pretoria. MY sons wants to go to pretoria because they have penguins)
  • Try an outdoor maze (
  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Collect pine cones for art projects
  • Freeze dinosaurs in ice and dig them out
  • Go to an indoor playground (we enjoy Yeesh in Woodmead)
  • Go for a pony ride (apparently this is very different to horse rides)
  • Listen to people singing christmas songs (I think they mean christmas carols)

Written by Deenin Padayachee
"After 13 years in corporate Deenin decided to become a stay at home dad. His new career choice resulted in him having three bosses (wife and two kids) as well as added responsibilities such as full time butler, chef, playmate, driver, professional seeker of lost toys and picker-upper of all things found on the floor. He evolved to a work from home dad by also becoming an entrepreneur when he designed and developed a home stimulation learning program based on developmental milestones for babies and toddlers and entered the world of blogging."

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